Weddings are usually a big pompous event that is very fancy, even more, formal and definitely expensive. However, over the past decade or so there has been a new trend popping up and people are loving it. Whether it be in a barn house or your own backyard, informal wedding is here and they are here to stay. If you are planning on having your wedding as a relaxed event it can be exciting but also a bit scary. Here are some tips that will surely help you pull off an amazing informal wedding.

Choose a nice venue

This can be the most fun but also the most daunting task. Even though this is informal it’s still an important day in your life so looks matter. However, since you are going for a more personal and rustic feel you have more options than a banquet hall. Barns are a popular option but it’s a very European thing and it’s not available everywhere. If you have a big enough backyard or a garden that can be a good place. On top of that outdoor parks, rooftops can all be awesome.

Add a personal touch

If you are making it informal and stepping away from the more traditional aspects you need to do something to make it special and this is where your personality should shine. This is your wedding and it should look like that. From the clothes you were to the food served, do something that you want to do but can’t in a normal setting. Handmade and DIT decorations are a big thing for informal weddings and you would surely give it a try.

It’s still a wedding

Even though it’s informal it’s still a wedding and a wedding needs to be elegant and classy. Choosing a good theme is important for this. A theme usually includes a color pallet and an overall feel. Rather than trying to explain it in words collect a few pictures and make a mood board. On top of that when planning your wedding make sure everything still looks nice. Well decorated tables, food is served in an attractive way, wait staff are important features.

Have fun

This is a wedding and a wedding is a celebration and you need to have fun. Things like getting a cheap wedding photobooth Singapore, good much are all ways to add that extra element to make this celebration memorable.

wedding is a celebration of love and it should not be all for the show. Follow these tips and your wedding will be fun, relaxed but still memorable and awesome.

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