With the advancements of technology, the world has turned into a global village that has made it possible to get in touch with people residing in others part of the world.  Another key feature of this is that a person can have access to various types of information in a split second. This has affected the role people play in society. Information has become symmetric where person has been given the opportunity to access information and make a proper decision.


The internet is the main platform for all global connections. Whenever a person discovers a new way of doing something, he/she could share it on the internet. They could do so for free or register themselves in an online platform and get paid for whatever they have shared. Similarly, people have found ways to share knowledge and teaching points for others to gain learning while been on the move. Many have started to engage in online tutoring to reach out to those at home. Having such online tutoring tactics very cost-effective. For instance, they give the advantage of not having to pay rent or pay for material. Instead, all you must incur is the costto set up the communication mode and the equipment cost.

Update yourself

In the traditional technique of learning where you must purchase books and register yourself to a class, you will not have the luxury to buy a new book whenever there is a change in the information due to the limited resources. However, with online learning, you will be updated on new findings and can obtain soft copies as soon as they are released for a reasonable subscription fee. This will reduce unnecessary costs on buying additional books and it will not stack up space and collect dust.


Obtaining information in the way of education online, you will gain the access of learning from any point in the globe. Whether it is on top of mount Everest, or in the middle of the Sahara desserts, if you have a clear connection and strong signals, you can learn from wherever you are.

Possible drawbacks

The major possible drawback is the target audience. You will need to target the right audience for your venture. The younger generation happens to have a keener interest in the advanced technological tactics whereas the older generation find it difficult to adapt and thus causing them to not support the new forms of communication. Therefore, to cut your losses, you will need to either make your online product user friendly to the older generation as well by adding easy to access features or you must stick to the younger generation and find ways to attract them through your online platform.


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