Startups are great. Venturing into the world of business can be an awesome experience and it has a lot of potentials if you do it well. However, the market is unpredictable and startups carry a lot of risk with them. Because of this, it is very important to do everything in your power to make sure it is a success because there are real money and a lot of time at stake.

The right team

Research has shown that the most important feature that will determine the success of a startup is the team of people who are there to start it. If the people are driven and have good ideas they can make anything work so it’s very important to find the right team. Pay attention to their attitudes and how they work with others. On top of that technical knowledge, creativity or even the willingness to learn can be very useful. The right team can do wonders.

Market research

A business is supposed to serve the wants of the market and you can’t succeed if you don’t know what the market wants. Most entrepreneurs tend to be a rather self-centred and biased with their ideas and this might lead to a lot of money being wasted. You might think you have the most amazing idea ever but the rest of the market might think otherwise and if you can’t make a sale then there will be problems.


Marketing is a big factor for the success of any business and this is very important for a business that is just starting up. People need to know about you if they are to buy things from you and marketing can also help with getting in investors. From simple things like running a Facebook ad campaign to sponsoring events to hosting events of your own, the world of marketing is huge and you need to dwell on it if you want to succeed.


If you want to be a successful business you need to start making sure you work like one. Proper administration and “office work” is an important part of any business and you should never forget things like bookkeeping. Using tools like Microsoft dynamics nav Singapore can help you a lot since it won’t need many people and you will have more time to be creative and focus on growing your business.

Startups are awesome but they are risky. Follow these tips and you will be closer to being one of the lucky few that succeed.

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